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When you can’t find the style of fandom print you want at a convention so you have to go home and make it yourself like some kind of ARTIST.

Satisfied – sukikobold – Coco (2017) [Archive …

Satisfied – sukikobold – Coco (2017) [Archive of Our Own]:

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Coco (2017)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Héctor Rivera/Imelda Rivera, Héctor Rivera & Miguel Rivera
Characters: The Rivera Family, Héctor Rivera, Imelda Rivera, Dante (Coco 2017), Pepita (Coco 2017)
Additional Tags: Some ideas I’ve had about what happened in the Land of the Dead post-blessing, Family, Imelda vs the paparazzi, honestly the reason I wrote this, also Dante’s a good doggo, Oneshot

Miraculously, Héctor has been saved from the Final Death. Now if only they could get off this tower without being swarmed by the massive audience of souls inside.

Haha holy cow it shouldn’t have taken me this long to sit down and edit this. Don’t even know how long it’s been sitting on my hard drive.


Okay guys. There’s a rant below the cut. I apologize for posting this but I need to get some things off my chest right now.


M’kay boys and girls, time to learn some things about Amanda.

I am 27 years old. I have probably been watching anime on and off since I was 7 or 8 years old. In 3rd grade my mom made a Sailor Moon costume for me and nobody recognized who I was. I started reading manga a few years after, which often had nudity here and there. In high school I got into a show called Saiyuki where almost every female character, even the young ones, had massive breasts. I’ve seen very obvious fanservice and much more subtle fanservice.

I know anime is fanservicey. I know it’s been fanservicey for decades. I know how many characters there are that look 12 but “Oh they’re actually older than everyone else so it’s super okay to do sexy type stuff with them”. I know that the standards in Japan are different than those in America. I know that they continue to do this because that’s how they market things to most of their audience.

That doesn’t mean I have to like it.

I don’t care if it’s popular. I don’t care if it’s common. I don’t care if professionals do it. I don’t care if it’s “an artistic choice”. I don’t. Have. To like it.

I more or less swore off anime for a number of years because I was so freaking sick of fanservice. And even though I watch more of it right now, I still find fanservice annoying.

“So how come you keep watching it, Amanda?”

Because in spite of that, sometimes I can find stories with characters that I like and want to cheer for, or relationships that I get SUPER invested in and fuel my muse for weeks and weeks. Because there are still good writers out there (couONEgh) who can tell a good, successful story without having to resort to sex appeal.

Do I think it’s ALWAYS bad? No. Used sparingly and with the right characters, I’m not that offended by it. And I know there are many, many people out there who draw it and I’m not necessarily angry at them for doing that. They can draw what they like. I don’t have the ability to stop it and I won’t pretend that I do. I just don’t like looking at it so it’s the sort of thing I tend to avoid.

But when it’s right in my face and involving a character who is blatantly stated to be underage, I don’t care how subtle it is, I’m going to be upset with it. So to vent, I drew a silly comic because the idea of it being a literal cameraman being creepy was funny to me. Also it’s not the first time I’ve had that thought (See: the music video for Nostalgia in the Project Miku F Vocaloid game).

Anyway. I’m done now. No idea how much energy I wasted being upset about this but I won’t be getting it back.



sukikobold: I blasted through Forest of Drizz…


I blasted through Forest of Drizzling Rain today aka the first game made by that guy what made Angels of Death. It was pretty good. Our main character was kind of unremarkable but I thought Suga was pretty interesting (also he reminds me immensely of Mob so bonus points there).

sukikobold: This was my first complaint on se…


This was my first complaint on seeing the previews. I really like Zack’s wonky-sized pupils. They probably his most distinct characteristic. (Surprisingly, bandaged guy in a hoodie is not as unique as you might expect it to be). They keep the two colors, but otherwise he looks pretty generic to me in the show.

It’s not a terrible interpretation from the few episodes I watched, but I think I’d just as soon like to re-experience the story through the game.

Mob Psycho 100: Live Action

Episode 9

Three more eps! Will they nail down the climax for this show? Probably not, but let’s see anyway!

– ???!?? Okay so they ran in, beat up Matsura and are taking the kids?? Why’d they waste all that time plying him up to be sinister then?? Ugh, this show…

– Yeah, I’m sorry, you guys can’t convince me to like Matsura now. He’s been way too creepy so far.

– This guy was so much more sinister with the hoodie.

– One of those details I was really glad they added in the translation from manga to anime was how Mob was thrown away after noticing Ritsu getting grabbed, giving him a reason not to immediately act to save him. In here, he’s just kind of watching so far. I know Mob’s a pacifist, but he still has some things that’ll send him almost immediately over the edge. Hurting Ritsu is one of them.

– Btws, this entire scene takes place inside of a random school building instead of an alley. I guess so they have more things to throw around.

– There are so many little things I’m missing from the anime right now. Mob grabbing the guy’s arm while his percent counter is skyrocketing was so good…

– All of a sudden Reigen backstory again. 

– I don’t know what the purpose of this old co-worker plot is serving. To make Reigen more of a sympathetic character? But the fact that they feel the need to do that kind of proves that they don’t know how to make him likable in the already existing scenes.

– And all of a sudden back to fighting.

– Dimple, get off the screen.

– Detail #2 I’m glad they added when it went to anime: Ritsu actually running up and grabbing the guy around the middle to keep him from hurting Mob. As opposed to just shouting from a distance. Sigh. Perfect character turn-around…

– M’kay, this hairstyle works much better for Mob going 100%. I kind of wish they had used it back in the cult scene.

– Again, person has no idea how to translate Japanese cursing…

– And spontaneously going back to the Body Improvement Club for no reason.

– And back to Reigen at the bar.

– And back to Mob. Did we really need to change character focus at all? I do remember there being a scene with Reigen in the anime, but that was to show us that he’s aware Mob didn’t show up to work and doesn’t know why. Here it’s just. There he is. He’s at the bar again. Bye now.

– I miss the haystack wig so much.

– And now here’s Tsubomi singing karaoke. I’m starting to wonder if there was some part of the contract where everyone had to have some face time in every episode.

– Now the ending’s Reigen hanging out.

Honestly though, from the way they were portraying the Awakening Lab, it looked really sinister. And no, I’m not going to go rewatch it to double check. I suppose it’s possible they WERE trying to mislead the viewer. Still, it’s not like they had the bright, casual looking room all the kids were hanging out in in the original. – – Sigh. I’m gonna need to rewatch the anime for therapy after this.


Mob Psycho 100: Live Action

Episode 5

Again, they’re at an abandoned warehouse now instead of a school, so while there will probably be a lot of destruction (I don’t know about rubble flying into the sky, we’ll see) it’ll be a lot cheaper.

– The fancy classical music is back for Teru. XD

– They’re…having a lot more weird stuff with Reigen with this. I was under the impression that having Mob working for him gave him a decent amount of business…

– Also are overly gay barkeepers a common trope in Japan? I’ve seen it in a number of jrpgs, too. :/

– Tenga is enjoying this fight way too much

– Again, Tome’s legitimately funny in this.

– ??? Why is Mob dodging? He basically has an unbreakable psi-shield. Is that really too much to add in?

– Hate to break it to ya, Dimple, but I’m pretty sure a lot of viewers find you disgusting in this.

– And Claw’s just running around attacking random nerds because they don’t know how else to find Mob. How professional.

– There, see? Shield animation doesn’t take much to do.


– I’m glad they remembered to include the weird pigeon toe stance.

– All of a sudden stunts!

– Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. I know Reigen is the oldest of the characters but that does NOT obligate you guys to make cliche pervy jokes with him. – –

– Also you guys are completely ruining the drama in the fight by cutting away so much.

– I guess I appreciate Ritsu trying to help him more in these early plots.

– Hm. The funny classical music is also kinda ruining the drama in this fight.

– Huzzah. No more CGI Dimple for a while- ugh wait, they’re having a bunch of flashbacks.

– Also they use the dramatic music when there’s supposed to be a joke? Who was in charge for the soundtrack on this? – –

– Aand they cut out Mob berating Teru for calling people ordinary and small-fry. Stop taking out all the things I like!

– Pffft the horror music when Teru gets his head shaved.

Aaand that’s where they’re cutting it. Huh. Somehow they’re drawing out this fight even more. – – I’ll bet it was so they could stick that stupid pervy scene in. Class act, guys.

Yeah, I’m running into a lot of issues with the music being used inappropriately in this show. It’s something you don’t notice when it’s done right, but it’s real obvious when it’s done wrong.