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Borrowed a page from @jenniferstolzer‘s book and drew some Heartblades (basically keyblades themed after heroes from different worlds). Mob and Reigen because I caaan, though there are some other characters I’ve thought about doing this for but I don’t know if I’ll get to them.

Mindbreaker: A keyblade with short range but incredible magical power. Its pieces are free-floating but always give the suggestion of a blade. No one knows what happens when the counter on the keychain reaches 100.

Mob’s simple so I wanted to make his keyblade simple, even though I was tempted to play more with symbolism (reeeal close to making that keychain a flower, but I had to put a counter somewhere). White cracks breaking up black seems to be kind of a theme with his powers so there you go.

Spirit Speak: This blade has a log reach but does not have very good attack or magic. No one’s really sure what it’s good for.

SYMBOLISM kinda. I wanted to work Spirits n’ Such in but it just ended up being a ghost for the head. The plant vines have…multiple meanings, and the tie handle was kind of an accident tbh. And cell phone for his heart charm because who’s he always calling with it?

I’ll take care of it. You just rest.

A bunch of sketchy Mobs. I really want to make some mp100 buttons, but I want to come up with a design theme I like.

ONE has a habit of not addressing certain significant things after the fact.




Sunny angel boy.

replied to your post “Taking drawing prompts”

maybe baby mob and reigan going out to eat for the first time?

I need more excuses to draw lil Mob.

Hardly my best hug but I had to draw something after finishing the manga.

Day 6: Drool

I can’t remember if it’s in the series somewhere or just a fanon accepted thing that Mob drools in his sleep a lot.

Available on Storenvy.

Ahh, the lines are a little sketchy, but I still like the atmosphere in this.