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Hey it’s self insert weekend/day!! This is the most self-indulgent thing I’ve ever drawn and I am living

I could use an All Might hug today. 

Screw it, I could use an All Might Hug every day.


More beauty and the beast au for self insert weekend stuff . I would have done the whole song but I got burnt out!!

Wander looks like a muppet so I’m sure he would be very cuddly to sleep with.


I don’t normally upload to Tumblr but I wanted to support #selfinsertweekend by doing this.

Plus Luigi doesn’t get enough praise so I need to give him some. He’s not use to compliments from fans.

Seriously, don’t be afraid or embarrassed to do stuff like this.


There’s a billion mistakes and its a day late but fuck it

With that self insert weekend post going around again I just. Figured I’d go back to ye olden days™ and

thought I’d say hi to an old friend.


happy self insert weekend !!

toshi is such a comfort character fight me


The B-Gang Is Back… Jk No They Aren’t.

~ Mod Morganite


Happy self insert day!

I hope self insert day becomes a regular thing! It’s so important that people can put themselves in the stories they love without being made fun of for it or fearing that they’ll be put into cringe compilations. Fiction exists for enjoyment above all else. Even if I’m more of a writer than an illustrator, and even if I know this could be much better, it’s nice to see myself with the characters who mean the world to me. Let people have fun!

By some divine chance, this also coincides with the 10th anniversary of the theatrical release of Wall.E. There are so, somany things I could say about what this movie has done to my life. So many people say “I can’t imagine what I’d be without _______,” and I guess I’m just another one of those saps. There is no part of me that would be remotely the same in a world without this movie. It became a core part of my being the moment I saw it when I was a piddly little ten-year-old (well, as piddly as a five-foot-something, 150 pound kid can be). I’m pretty much convinced I was put on this planet to love this movie. Plus, as the years have gone on, I’ve only fallen harder and harder for EVE Probes.

Roll call under the cut!

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i drew this bc I’m an absolute nerd and i miss my baby boy????????

yep!!!! i drew myself and loki,,,, this is a new low but thats ok cause its part of a tag rite rite