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Alternative ending to Satsuriku no tenshi

Zack and Ray decide this whole running around wanting to die shtick got old and decide to go and rob a local mcdonalds for mcnuggets instead

Okay, but I really, really like this bc it’s so silly and you could go so funny with it.

Like, someone messes up Zack’s order? he’s friggen pissed and wants to kill the person who took his order. The guy behind the order is just like “Just fucking do it man” he’s got that dead look in his face (the work retail/customer related look) and Zack’s just pissed bc the guy is just so accepting of it.

Ray steals the rest of Zack’s fries and then hides in the play place where She can fit but Zack can’t and she just eats the fries as she looks him right in the eyes in one of the windows and points to the ‘Kid’s Only’ sign.  Of course, Zack wants his flippin fries so he’s trying anyway to get her even trying to get in himself.

He gets stuck.  They have to call security bc he’s cursing up a storm and soon they’re banned from that McDonalds and have to find another one to go to

(sorry for taking over this I just have SO many feelings for SnT right now)



I never got a prompt for the hurt/comfort meme, so I did an altered version of 1 with Zack and Ray. Cause I can. :p

Companion comics for this idea.

One more before I go attempt to sleep. I’ve been playing around with a World Ends with You AU, so here are some design sketches. Because Ray and Zack would fit into the Reaper job way too easily. Hoping I can get a full color piece out of this.

Quick jumpy Ray I drew tonight.

AoD thoughts

It bugs me how everyone’s name has an appropriate double meaning with the exception of Daniel Dickens.

These are a little old. For a while I’ve played with the idea of Zack and Ray meeting each other’s younger selves. Don’t ask me how. Maybe some Psychonauts entering past memories thing or something. W/e I like the potential cute interactions.

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Zack had a lot of fun playing with that camera on B3. He figured it might be even better now that there weren’t any more psychos trying to kill him. But there’s one thing he absolutely refuses to take a picture of.

YEAH I figured out how to write harmless fluff for the game about serial killers!

Not that anyone asked me, but I feel like talking about it.

I feel like my feelings on it are similar to my feelings on the Phoenix/Maya ship from Ace Attorney. I’m okay with it, but only under specific circumstances. (I swear there’s a post somewhere about that sort of feeling.) 

Age is certainly a factor. I don’t like shipping them in the context of their original games because Maya’s 16 and Ray’s 13. They should be adults before starting that sort of relationship with someone who’s already an adult. It’s why I’m comfortable when people age up Ray before shipping her. Sure she acts pretty mature, but she’s still a child in more ways than one. She probably needs as much experience with healthy relationships as Zack does. 17 or 18 is my lower comfort limit, especially regarding a serious relationship. (Not that that’s the sort of thing I want to read about regardless of the couple, but again, I find it more acceptable). In fact, there’s a fairy tale AU I’ve been musing about where they actually end up together at the end. Le gasp! Of course, that’s after like four years of being around each other, but you get my point.

I don’t have an issue with the age difference. In the grand scheme of things, 7 years isn’t that big, and it becomes even less significant once they’re both older. I get why people worry about it, but once they’re both adults, it doesn’t make much difference to me.

Also, I say I’m comfortable shipping them as adults, but at the same time I don’t feeling like I need to. Again, same with Maya and Phoenix. I want them together. I want them to be with each other, but it doesn’t have to be romantically or as lovers or anything. As long as they’re soul mates, life partners, living together, ect, that’s all it takes to make me happy. Also shameless cuddles but that’s another subject entirely.

So yes, under certain circumstances I’m fine with people shipping them. But when I run into fics or fanart of them making out when Ray’s still barely a teen, it gives me an icky feeling, so forgive me if I take steps to avoid those.