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Some practice sketches I made a while back but wasn’t able to scan.

My first real attempts at getting Héctor’s face down that morphed into Sad Things. Then some Living!Héctor practice.

I’ve been playing around with some story ideas where Héctor and Miguel are traveling worlds Kingdom Hearts-style. Including magic changing their appearances as needed. And they stumble upon a world where spirits and monsters and the supernatural are NOT the norm so Héctor gets thrown back into his skin for the duration.

Sinking – sukikobold – Coco (2017) [Archive of Our Own]:

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Relationships: Héctor Rivera & Miguel Rivera
Characters: Miguel Rivera, Héctor Rivera
Additional Tags: Alternate Scene, Family, Friendship, Héctor being a good papá, before he actually knows he’s a papá, hey Ernesto got a drowning rescue scene, why can’t he?

Okay, tbh, I just wanted to rewrite the cenote scene with Héctor being heroic.

I’m sure some of you saw this coming a mile away. This one’s just a scene rewrite but I have a few longer ones in the works. Can’t guarantee I’ll finish any of them, but we can hope. :v


Héctor tells Miguel that he’s proud of him after the Poco Loco performance, that was no doubt the first time that anyone has ever given praise to Miguel’s music, something that he’s put a huge amount of effort and heart into but has had to keep hidden.

When Miguel tells Héctor that he’s proud they’re family, that was no doubt the first time in decades, possibly the first time since Héctor‘s own death, that anyone has shown any kind of real pride in him as a person.

These things are important to me.

(Sorry about the quality, my scanner’s refusing to work)

Mini essay about hugs below cut

After seeing the movie three times, I’m pretty darn sure Miguel and


are big huggers. Miguel especially.

In spite of the main conflict with his family, Miguel is still very affectionate with them, and hugs are his go-to reaction when he’s upset or scared. When he first gets pulled to the land of the dead and sees his parents, he runs towards them with his arms open wide (only to sadly phase through). When he finally meets his “great-great-grandpa” Ernesto he hugs him twice, first as an initial reaction and second once he’s on Cruz’s shoulders. He immediately hugs


when they’re reunited, in spite of only just meeting him that night and them not parting on the best of terms. Similarly, he hugs Imelda after they’re out of danger, even though she had tried to force him to give up music the last time they spoke. He hugs his relatives after Pepita rescues him again. He hugs his papa when he feels all hope is lost, and he hugs Mama Coco for remembering her papa.:)

I’m not super familiar with the manners of Latin American culture, but I believe that closer physical proximity and touching on the arm or shoulder is more the norm than elsewhere. It’s probably not as big of a deal, then, but Miguel is pretty comfortable with

Héctor’s  shoulder-touching and close proximity for most of the night. I like to think that’s another point for him being more of a touch-affection type. :>

Héctor doesn’t do too much hugging in the main story, but like I just said, he does a lot of casual touching with Miguel. Mostly the hands on shoulders thing, but also moments like lifting him up during the Poco Loco performance or touching his cheek during the climax (;-;). Of course the best moment is in the sinkhole when Miguel’s in a state of panicked despair and Héctor just hugs the kid (even though at the time he still thought of him as Ernesto’s grandson and still had every reason to be upset with him over their current situation. but he didn’t because he’s a good boy). 

Outside of the main story, I still think Héctor was very affectionate, at least with his family. Even though he did leave them to go on tour (with much prodding from Ernesto, I imagine), he was a very loving dad and I imagine he gave his wife and daughter a lot of hugs and kisses when he was with them. Even more so after the main plot, since at that point he has spent almost a century without them and knows that they are absolutely the most important thing in his life now (lol but he’s dead haha anyway).

So…yeah. if (when) 

Héctor and Miguel meet again, I imagine there will be many hugs.

“Te quiero, Papa Héctor.”

“…Te quiero, m’ijo.”

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Yay, I finished a Coco piece! 😀 I will say, as derpy as Dante is played in the movie, Xolos are really elegant looking pups. :>

Coco | Celebrity Tour Deleted Scene

I keep getting a Gravity Falls feel from this scene. I don’t know if it’s the tour thing or the storyboard art style, but it’s really fun. Also the repeated punch line. 

Am I ever going to finish any of these? I don’t know. I’m just getting the cute out of my system for now.

And that, my friends, is how you continue Land of the Dead adventures.

What are you talking about? Héctor’s a great influence.

Look, platonic kisses are fairly common in this movie and that means I can draw a thing I love without feeling like a weirdo about it, okay?