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iniro: been watching walkthroughs of old CD R…


been watching walkthroughs of old CD ROM games i used to play as a kid, here’s some of my favs



It was but a matter of time

morskoykotik: types of protag relasionships


types of protag relasionships

maplevogel: One last for today!! (And sorry fo…


One last for today!! (And sorry for all the Satsuten spam! Its been so long since I wanted to draw for a new fandom!:D)

I saw a few doodles of Zack and Ray meeting as kids and I needed to draw something If they had met when they where small. Zack being 7 or 8 yrs older I wonder if he would have taken care of Ray.

Someone give me a sibbling fic!

jenniferstolzer: sandflakedraws: commission -…



commission – my-ships-control-my-life & nimagine

@sukikobold I dig this and I know you will too. Hugging is our aesthetic

Yes good excellent this is the sort of thing I need to wake up to. ;u;

Coco :) Whomever you like.

Coco 🙂 Whomever you like.

I think you knew who was coming




Another Attic AU One Shot

I don’t have an image to go with this one, but it goes in sync with the two previous parts.

[Phantom Pains] [Like Shed Skin]


I ruined the nice red hoodie I gave Reigen earlier.

Nine months after they’d found Reigen rotting away under a
bridge, the Kageyamas had a visitor. She was a woman with a pretty face and
serious disposition, whose tragic story had run the same headlines as their
own.  Despite the fact that no web search
for ‘Shigeo Kageyama’ could go without turning up her name as well, Mob had never
met her, and the family had only spoken to her twice: once, offering
condolences for the demise of her husband, and again in searching out the full
story of their son’s brave rescuer.

She sits now in the living room, empty but for herself and
Reigen.  They’d both agreed to that
arrangement; this wasn’t something that any of the Kageyamas needed to be
involved with. The man in question looks…distressed. Not fight, not flight.
He’s too tired for either of those things.
More like he wants to sink into his bright red hoodie until he disappears
altogether.  He hasn’t touched the
now-lukewarm cup of herbal tea in front of him.

“Mr. Reigen,” she says at length, “I suppose
you know what I’m here to speak with you about.”

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mmmmmmmmind if i ,,,        unkill him and take him to a hospital

death-by-pancakes: hi i am currently suffering…


hi i am currently suffering because i am $200 short of my tuition bill with no money but i REALLY don’t want to take out a loan for such a small amount…

… i have a paypal… anybody want a commission?…

$5 for black and white headshot

$10 for black and white full-body

$10 for color headshot (great for tumblr icons! :D)

$15 for color full-body

+$5 for an actual background lol

+$5 per extra character

i’m not drawing NSFW stuff though, sorry i’m a sex-repulsed ace 


here’s my paypal if you wanna help me out?? if you wanna reblog this that’s cool too!!

avril-circus: Have a wonderful christmas time….


Have a wonderful christmas time.
Remember, this Moomin loves you. This Snufkin too.

jenniferstolzer: As some of my friends and followers may know,…


As some of my friends and followers may know, my graphics pc died unexpectedly on me, requiring me to replace a barely-out-of-warranty machine with one just as expensive with very little notice. Sudden expenses are only natural when you own your own business, but that doesn’t mean the money isn’t missed. SO I’M OPENING FOR COMMISSIONS!

I’m goning do it a little differently than other people do. Instead of selling roughs or lines or colors I’m selling segments of time. So any amount of money you, interested party, are willing to spend can earn you an artwork. 


Have a dnd character in need of a bio pic but only 10 bucks? We’ll work it out.

Want a portrait of the main character of your self-published novel to use as a promotional graphic on twitter and facebook? I can pitch you a guestimate.

Have a friend who wants their favorite rarepair necking but no one makes art for it? My only rule is that it stays PG13 (and no pedophilia or incest)

If you only have a buck, I’ll take a buck. My tip jar is right here and I’ll give you a napkin doodle as a thank you. Every little bit is helpful when it comes to this campaign. Even just reblogs.


Commissions will only be open for the entire month of November. On Nov 30th commissions close and artwork begins. I only take payments through paypal so your money is protected. All drawings will be completed by Christmas so perfect for gifts! They will be posted to my tumblr and deviantart page unless I’m kindly asked not to, and printing release forms will be available on request free of charge so you can go to your local Walgreens and get your artwork on photo paper for festive wrapping and opening rituals. 

So consider Jennifer Stolzer Illustration for all your artwork needs this Nov and help a poor artist afford the tools that make her work possible!

Yoooooo awesome friend with awesome art for a variety of prices! And they’re not on here but she also specializes in dog portraits if you want a special drawing of your pooch! 🙂