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Different kind of kisses


HELL YEAH, I watched Hellbent yesterday so I spent today drawing our favorite nervous boy instead of being productive skdjhfg 





Hey if all the cool kids are dubbing hellbent then why can’t I?

watch the original AMAZING video here


JDJDJDJDJD “aaaaAAAAAAA” perfect Vivi reaction 10/10 100/100 BEST DUB BEST DUB

Oh my gosh you guys went nuts last night didn’t you. I love everything


I know Lewis is a super powerful ghost that can summon huge fireballs and conjure entire mansions and therefore probably doesn’t need it, but I really love the idea of Mystery protecting everyone.

And the pièce de résistance. Because I spent a crazy amount of time on the coloring.


I wanted to draw something with their flowers (symbolic ones, not the ones in the video) and then it sat on my hard drive for like a month. I thought I was getting more comfortable with inking, but it’s still very tedious. :/

Normal version and jean commercial version.

Not as happy with this but I spent a lot of time on it.


Vi giving her boys some sugar. o3o

Mmmmm I still kinda want to finish these they turned out cute. >-< Especially the Mystery one.


Some Arthurs and Mysteries.

I can’t say I’m convinced Arthur was asleep in Freaking Out. Not enough visual evidence for me. But I can definitely see him having a lot of rough nights.

Also green ghosty-goo comes back and possesses more than just an arm.

Some of my more dramatic sketches. Love the confirmation of Arthur and Mystery bein’ bros and stuff.


Self Insert Week awaaaaay!

Also my initial reaction to Freaking Out, more or less. :’D

Will hopefully get some bigger/more finished things done as the week goes on, but for now here’s a warm-up.

Ehe pardon the fangirling. I like how the hug turned out.



My half of a collab with @sukikobold. See her lineart here. I did the colors 🙂

My take on the story is this.

Arthur: Hey Lewis, you’re working late tonight. I thought we were going to study.

Lewis: I can’t concentrate anyway.

Arthur: Why not? Oh… oh man, you don’t look so good.

Lewis: You can tell?

Arthur: Yeeeaaaaahhhhhhh….

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Ahhh there it is! Love the lighting and atmosphere. 😀 (Really wish I had spent more time on the lines jeeze)

And I like your story addition. I approve. c:

‘Nother real sketchy one! But Jen’s coloring is hecka pretty.

I still fully support the idea of Lewis having some kind of supernatural power even prior to becoming a ghost.


Guess what I did instead of study.

I think someone might have lost her skeletons.

Old Undertale crossover I did. Real sketchy but the idea’s cute.