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sukikobold: I blasted through Forest of Drizz…


I blasted through Forest of Drizzling Rain today aka the first game made by that guy what made Angels of Death. It was pretty good. Our main character was kind of unremarkable but I thought Suga was pretty interesting (also he reminds me immensely of Mob so bonus points there).

sukikobold: These were initially just going to…


These were initially just going to be button designs but I got carried away.

( ̄ー ̄;

sukikobold: If there was a story that could s…


If there was a story that could somehow become less depressing with a Monster!AU, it’s Angels of Death.

Rachel’s part Frankenstein monster part patched doll. Zack is the obvious, although I wanted to try making him an Aztec mummy instead of Egyptian because reasons. Eddie’s a sort of living puppet/scarecrow (the doll similarity gives him more reason to like Ray). Danny’s a lizard type of lycanthrope (his story’s the most two-faced) because that tongue. Gray’s a warlock, with a snake familiar, who spends his time accusing other people of being witches because he’s a hypocrite like that. Aand Cathy’s a she-devil. (Could’ve gone with succubus I guess but she seems more interested in torture than sex. Anywho).

I…honestly have no idea how the story would work in this, but I had fun designing them.

sukikobold: Has this been done yet? Probably.


Has this been done yet? Probably.

Unlike some of the other characters I’ve seen in this meme, I feel this would literally be Zack’s reaction.

sukikobold: This was my first complaint on se…


This was my first complaint on seeing the previews. I really like Zack’s wonky-sized pupils. They probably his most distinct characteristic. (Surprisingly, bandaged guy in a hoodie is not as unique as you might expect it to be). They keep the two colors, but otherwise he looks pretty generic to me in the show.

It’s not a terrible interpretation from the few episodes I watched, but I think I’d just as soon like to re-experience the story through the game.

sukikobold: Putting this out there right now,…


Putting this out there right now, I know people like it because of symbolism and the cool-looking shape and all that, but a scythe is a ridiculously impractical weapon.

sukikobold: I played through Angels of Death …


I played through Angels of Death on the Switch over the past week. I won’t say it’s my favorite of the RPG Maker Horror Game genre because Ib still holds that spot (also I’m not crazy about some of the major themes in this one), but it’s pretty well written. Also they’re apparently making an anime for it right now so that’s a thing.



Mob Psycho 100: Live Action

Final Thoughts (+links to episode reactions)

Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6, Episode 7, Episode 8, Episode 9, Episode 10, Episode 11, Episode 12

Oh jeeze, where to start, where to start. I guess I should say some of the things I found good in it?


I legitimately liked Tome. I thought her actress was absolutely perfect at playing her as weird and funny as she needed to be. There were a few lines that came across as mean to me, especially with Mob joining the Body Improvement Club, but that could have been the writers or the translation. I was also fine with her being involved in more of the plots, since I do like her character in general. She didn’t need to be present in the final events, but I didn’t mind her being there.

Bro moments. They took the liberty of adding a few more significant moments between Mob and Ritsu, and I found that sweet. It at least showed how Ritsu truly wanted to keep Mob safe prior to the Student Council arc. Speaking of relationships, they took some liberties of adding some focus on Onigawara becoming friends with and joining the Body Improvement Club, as well as having Ritsu actually view the other kids from the lab as his friends, so that was nice.

A small handful of Reigen’s added exorcisms felt really in-character, like giving one guy a makeover so he can find a girlfriend and just throwing salt at another so he can grab his phone and turn off the tracker. Unfortunately “small handful” is the key term here, because I really didn’t care for the rest of the added scenes. – – More on that later. 


There were a number of problems with the character representation of our main cast in this. We’ll start with Mob. I am…okay with the actor that played him. I think he looked fine for the part, and the few scenes he had to show genuine emotion were pretty good. The problem is when he didn’t have to show emotion. Mob’s character personality is primarily stoic. He doesn’t react very much, so that when he does react, it’s very obvious. In fact, a number of characters misunderstand this and think that he has no emotions at all. Unfortunately, he spends 90% of his screen time looking awkward and nervous in this. And while Mob certainly has his nervous moments since he’s a timid kid, he doesn’t look like that 24/7. – – It may have been more the director’s fault than the actor’s, but still. Didn’t work very well.

On to Reigen. 

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Feather Frost

Feather Frost:


Feather Frost officially has a tumblr page now! Yaaaay!

It may take a bit but I’ll be gradually updating it with all the products I have made so far. Please follow it if you’re interested. :>

sukikobold: A set of double-sided charms I ha…


A set of double-sided charms I had made from @acornpress. I was trying for a kind of coin design with the royal sibs. Dunno how well that shows but I like how the transparent effect turned out. :>

Available on storenvy.