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I’ll take care of it. You just rest.

A bunch of sketchy Mobs. I really want to make some mp100 buttons, but I want to come up with a design theme I like.


Sunny angel boy.

Hardly my best hug but I had to draw something after finishing the manga.

Day 6: Drool

I can’t remember if it’s in the series somewhere or just a fanon accepted thing that Mob drools in his sleep a lot.

Available on Storenvy.

Ahh, the lines are a little sketchy, but I still like the atmosphere in this.

Talking about favorite heroes (one more enthusiastically than the other.)

@breezy-cheezy I did want to do one more of them, sorry it took forever. :c

Tryin’ real hard to draw again, guys. o-o;

I don’t know if Mob’s just stressed out in general or they’re coming back from a rough case. 

There’re actually a couple of LPers that I find therapeutic just listening to them talk. :>