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I need a new pair of sneakers.

Adidas or Vans?

I’m gonna start reblogging this every day until you hooligans tell me which shoes to get



Adidas, go Slav or go home













It’s so unfair that the women who led the Temperance movement (which led to alcohol prohibition in the 1920s in the US) are painted as these joyless prudish nags who hated when others had fun, when really their issue was the fact that male failure to responsibly consume alcohol led to the rape, neglect, battery, and murder of their wives and children. They couldn’t stop male violence, but they did what they could to stop what exacerbated it. 

And what a great cause it was! In trying to reduce domestic violence and rape, they institutionalized organized crime.

Thank you, Temperance movement, for giving us such legendary women’s rights advocates as Al Capone!

I mean.

A lot of the Temperance movement women were, y’know. Racially, religiously, and socially motivated.

They hated immigrant laborers drinking after work, they DESPISED black bars and clubs, and they sure damn well hated Irish Catholics doing ANYTHING, those filthy Papists!

And I also love how OP apparently doesn’t think alcoholic women and women that get violent and destructive when drinking don’t exist too.

I love how no woman has ever been wrong on Tumblr.
There’s always some way of excusing fundamentalist dogma as “progressive really”, even if it’s Protestant evangelism.

 It was a return to puritanism, something we also see in the “modesty” culture the tumblrinas love lately.

I’d rather have rabid puritanism than the degeneracy we have today.



My dude you don’t get to do those arrows to that statement

I just did.

ok snakeboy

Just because I am in the mud does not mean I wish the mud was not there compared to the shit on the other side of this mudhole

I don’t see any problem with “degeneracy” the problem is with the same scolds and moral busy bodies that once said eating your wife out was a sin now saying that if you don’t think there are 4723 genders you’re a Nazi




TIL Animal Planet made a fake documentary claiming the existence of mermaids. Twice.


And people believed it

My mum still does, I can’t break the news to her. I thought it looked like bad CG but thought it was a real documentary until the end where I saw the fine print saying it was fake. My mum didn’t see that so thinks there is conclusive proof of mermaids.

The actual scientific stuff they mixed in was pretty cool too.







Not gonna lie.

If I had the chance, I’d totally make a pair of shotgun gauntlets. Guntlets, if you will. All the benefits of being able to fistfight with the added bonus of a 12ga round.


I’d totally name the pistol caliber models that.

You probably could tbh @mojave-red is the expert

I hope you enjoy broken wrists because this is how you get broken wrists. 

If you wanted to do it and I’m telling you not to but if you wanted to what you should do is get a length of 3/4″ pipe that’s about four inches long for the barrel and then 1″ pipe about three inches long for the firing part  but most shells are 2 ¾ inches long to begin with and this will at least give you some barrel. The make a set up on the glove to have the firing assembly bolted in. Then put a cap on the back with a small nail in the center rounded off so you don’t burst primers and have gas coming back at you. Next insert the shell into the 3/4″ pipe, slide it into the 1″ pipe and here’s where you’ll probably want something holding them together but not too much. Just so the smaller pipe does not slip out. Next you run up to something and punch. The 3/4″ pipe will slam back into the nail at the base of the 1″ pipe and you have a slam fire wrist breaker. 

I think I’d be better if you just made it have kind of a handle and tried to knuckle dust with it instead but that will still put a lot of strain on your wrist. 

so you’re telling me that RWBY weapons AREN’T realistic!?




Look at this gorgeous goat.



Rei Ayanami by Cata Salazar

man-nona: のろりさんのツイート: “「俺はスペシャルウィークで行くぜ!」って気持ち…


のろりさんのツイート: “「俺はスペシャルウィークで行くぜ!」って気持ちで描いてみたらやっぱスぺちゃんガンダムじゃん…と思いました… ”




The most frustrating thing about rewatching Madoka is seeing Sayaka be a fucking coward all over again

Seriously, why does it matter if you’re soul is stuck in a fabergé egg. It’s no different than your brain being in control of a meat suit, except with remote control. What a fucking emo

Indeed, I mean she is in middle school and her main breaking point is that she thought violin boy could never love a zombie, that is kinda believable for a girl that age.



Literally every episode of My Cat from Hell




Neatly summarized as: people not knowing how to properly take care of cats

The episodes that don’t conform to this formula are also always the most interesting. These situations include:

1) I Didn’t Know My Cat Had PTSD and Has Gone Blind.

2) Your Cats Fight Because One of Them Doesn’t Know How to Speak Cat, and They’re Both Kinda Mad/Confused About It. 

3) Your Cat Sprays Everywhere? Get Them Fixed. Surprise Twist: They Were Fixed But It Was a Botched Operation.

4) We’re Going to Rescue 50+ Kittens, Take Them to Vegas, and Adopt Them All To Loving Homes.

5) This is Not a Cat. This is a Dog. 

Which is the dog episode?