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peace-love-colbert:The Daily Show | March 15, …


The Daily Show | March 15, 2018

But by their own admission they’re stupid and irresponsible, so much so they can’t even be trusted with certain fundamental human rights.

“I and everyone else my age are so catastrophically stupid we can’t be trusted to obey the 4 fundamental laws of firearm safety but PLEASE let me lecture YOU, responsible adult, that you need to give up some Civil Rights.”

You want to put MY life in danger by taking away my ability to defend my fruity ass but the moment YOU have to wear different backpacks, the moment YOUR safety effects YOU, you bitch and moan like the little babies you are.

Hey, nerds!


Tell me what time it is where you’re at and what’s on your mind!

3:12am and how the from on my EAA Witness looks dumb so I want to spend stupid amounts of money on a Stock III model then getting it NP3+ coated because I’m OCD and anal compulsive about aesthetics




We are truly in the upside down when teenagers act like adults and adults act like 5 year old children who don’t want to hand over something thats extremely dangerous.

“what do you have?”



less than 300 people are killed by any rifle in the US per year.

also unless they paid tens of thousands of dollars or bought it before 1986 they don’t have an assault rifle. And funny thing is that the people that DO have ACTUAL assault rifles DON’T use them in crimes.

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there are some dystopian ideas coming from the White House lately


why is she carrying it OWB appendix? Like, women can wear pants… you know this, right?

Like if a kid is reaching into your pants behind the hip of your dominant hand, possibly flipping off a secondary retention strap or hitting the button on a Serpa and you just let them what is YOUR problem?

I’ve never seen a single human being carry a gun like this picture. This is peak Poe.

Personally, I’m looking forward to reading the…

Yeah, we’re wising up and moving to Gun Owners of America who is busting their asses to get back the select fire, short barreled, suppressed weapons the NRA took away from us.

mallninjacode: My SCR “Modern Musket” build, a…


My SCR “Modern Musket” build, almost complete. I need to do a little laser engraving, a little polishing, get my blued hardware in, and add a few more coats of polyurethane to the furniture, and I can call it done. 

This build is a featureless, NY SAFE Act compliant, side-charging AR that took 6 months to build – mostly in deals-hunting and getting the right wood for the furniture. Final cost around $900, with more than half tied up in the lower itself.

you need to make these for sale







And if you’re afraid of the power Trump already wields, hear this: if we don’t show up in the midterms, the Republicans could get a supermajority in the Senate. That means no ability to filibuster. No recourse. No way to stop them.

We’ve got to make sure the blue states stay blue and try to turn some of those red states blue as well. Don’t count your state out just because it usually votes Republican. Historically, midterms have way lower turnouts than presidential election years. So lets actually show up this time and do some damage.

Oh, and one hopeful note, all the House seats are up for reelection. So let’s take that shit away from Donald Trump and his Republican Party. 

Also, remember to vote in local elections! Keep track of when they are, the candidates, and make sure you stay informed on local and state politics. We have to show up in 2018, and at every. Single. Thing.

I dont like adding things but this needs to be said: DO NOT ASSUME THAT THERE WILL BE A HIGH DEMOCRATIC TURNOUT. Do not think that “oh EVERYONE else will show up to vote, I dont have to” Do not do that. Because trust me you wouldn’t be the only person thinking that. Now, if everyone assumes it’ll be a high turn out so they dont go, then nobody goes. Assume always that your vote will be the tipping point, assume that your vote is necessary and needed (because guess what: it absolutely is). Go vote. Keep track of the dates. And just go do it.

Register to vote. Check that you’re registered even if you think you are, even if you (like me) have voted in every election since you were old enough to do so. And then do it.

If you can, volunteer to drive people to the polls.

Re: luciferissatan’s comment – 100% correct – even more correct is that midterms’ low voter turnout? Is because Dems skip the midterms. More Republicans go to the polls for midterm elections, historically, than Democrats.


With the threat of a second Assault Weapons Ban we all need to get out and vote. Republicans, Democrats, doesn’t matter. This isn’t a partisan issue: this is a CIVIL RIGHTS issue.

Never again.
Tyranny, not even once.


Is there anyone who knows someone who’d drill out the sights on my EAA Witness and put fiber optic in? Turns out my front sight is milled into the frame so it doesn’t come off.

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Here’s the whole video. It’s called “Don’t Be A Sucker” and it’s 17 minutes long.

Reblogging for drowsy, dawning wokenness at 0:57.  

If I ever don’t reblog this I am dead.

If someone broke into my house I’d shoot them. If someone breaks into my country illegally all I want is for them to get drunk-tossed out. We have a path to legal citizenship: use it or you’re a criminal and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Of course if Trump gets his way I’ll have to kindly ask the crackhead rapist to leave because fuckface-cuckface wants to disarm law-abiding Americans.

I feel like vomiting.

Trust me no one wants to break into your mom’s basement and if they did I’m sure your raggedy neck beard would be enough to scare them off 🤷‍♂️

Just because you can afford to live in a safe area doesn’t mean we all can, especially when you’re trans and have been threatened multiple times walking your dog down the street.

So miss me with your bourgeoisie indifference to working-class LGBT+ folk who don’t want to get murdered/raped by a crackhead or set on fire by a Shariah Patrol.

These Henning grips are so sweet, they make th…

These Henning grips are so sweet, they make the firearm feel less like holding a 2×4 and don’t feel flimsy like the stock plastic ones nor abrasive like the pumice-textured ones I got off eBay [they say lava-rock/skateboard tape which is accurate and probably does make it very grippy].

The only things I’d like to change now would be different grips screws as the stock ones are sorta scratchy in the flathead slots. But most of all I’d love a fiber optic front sight but I can’t get a straight answer if they fit my model of EAA Witness.