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3:12am and how the from on my EAA Witness looks dumb so I want to spend stupid amounts of money on a Stock III model then getting it NP3+ coated because I’m OCD and anal compulsive about aesthetics


Is there anyone who knows someone who’d drill out the sights on my EAA Witness and put fiber optic in? Turns out my front sight is milled into the frame so it doesn’t come off.

These Henning grips are so sweet, they make th…

These Henning grips are so sweet, they make the firearm feel less like holding a 2×4 and don’t feel flimsy like the stock plastic ones nor abrasive like the pumice-textured ones I got off eBay [they say lava-rock/skateboard tape which is accurate and probably does make it very grippy].

The only things I’d like to change now would be different grips screws as the stock ones are sorta scratchy in the flathead slots. But most of all I’d love a fiber optic front sight but I can’t get a straight answer if they fit my model of EAA Witness.

How Easy is it to Get Sights Drilled for Triti…

What I really want is the fiber optic sights for my EAA Witness but EAA says they don’t fit my model [999220] so it seems like my only option for night sights is Tritium. Is there anyone that’ll just drill anything or am I screwed because its not a Glock, M9, or Sig?