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Okay, let’s try this again.

Currently inking if anyone wants to pop by and say Hi!

Feather Frost

Feather Frost:

Feather Frost officially has a tumblr page now! Yaaaay!

It may take a bit but I’ll be gradually updating it with all the products I have made so far. Please follow it if you’re interested. :>

Amanda’s setup 2.0 We’re working on it.

Amanda’s setup 2.0

We’re working on it.


Dunno if anyone’s going to be near Port Huron today, but I’ll be selling my art at Fantasticon. :0

Feather Frost

Feather Frost:

Hey everybody! I have a Storenvy now! I’ve been making and printing things to sell at conventions for the past half-year, but now you can also buy them online! :> Please be patient with me as I learn the ropes of this sort of thing.

Proof I have actually been making things. Not …

Proof I have actually been making things. Not many, but there was quite a bit of trial and error, especially with those charms.


I’m coloring today so time for another spontaneous stream! :0

death-by-pancakes: hi i am currently suffering…


hi i am currently suffering because i am $200 short of my tuition bill with no money but i REALLY don’t want to take out a loan for such a small amount…

… i have a paypal… anybody want a commission?…

$5 for black and white headshot

$10 for black and white full-body

$10 for color headshot (great for tumblr icons! :D)

$15 for color full-body

+$5 for an actual background lol

+$5 per extra character

i’m not drawing NSFW stuff though, sorry i’m a sex-repulsed ace 


here’s my paypal if you wanna help me out?? if you wanna reblog this that’s cool too!!

dropthedrawing: Preparing for Inktober 2017? I am too! And to…


Preparing for Inktober 2017?

I am too! And to get inspired, I have put together 8x Inktober prompt lists, to help us create something really cohesive and cool this October

Prompt lists:

– Post Apocalyptic Wanderers

– Anthropomorphic People

– A Steampunk Adventure

– Space Travellers

– Super People

– Characters for a fairytale

– Characters for an urban fantasy

– Characters of the Forest

Enjoy and share!

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25% of the people have a 4th cone and see colors as they are

Given the sudden interest for the color of dresses and vision, here some of the fascinating findings we did recently.

The color nuances we see depend on the number and distribution of cones (=color receptors) in our eye. You can check this rainbow: how many color nuances do you count?

You see less than 20 color nuances: you are a dichromats, like dogs, which means you have 2 types of cones only. You are likely to wear black, beige, and blue. 25% of the population is dichromat.

You see between 20 and 32 color nuances: you are a trichromat, you have 3 types of cones (in the purple/blue, green and red area). You enjoy
different colors as you can appreciate them. 50% of the population is

You see between 33 and 39 colors: you are a
tetrachromat, like bees, and have 4 types of cones (in the purple/blue,
green, red plus yellow area). You are irritated by yellow, so this color
will be nowhere to be found in your wardrobe. 25% of the population is

You see more than 39 color nuances: come on, you are
making up things! there are only 39 different colors in the test and
probably only 35 are properly translated by your computer screen anyway

It is highly probable that people who have an additional 4th
cone do not get tricked by blue/black or white/gold dresses, no matter
the background light 😉


I see 21 colors. I had no idea there are so many more.

I see 35-39 colours, and I hate the colour yellow. That was actually what made me curious enough to stop scrolling and count. Who knew there was a scientific reason behind my colour preferences?

So the idea here is that what I see as annoyingly, garishly bright, most people don’t see as clearly, and that’s why it’s “cheerful?” (I’ve never understood that description of yellow.)

I barely saw 18 or 19. Dang :/

I got 36, but I don’t hate yellow lol

I am a bee. 

35 but I love yellow soo

Oh dang I don’t see red very well I think

I can see 37, and actually do find most shades of yellow to be a little annoying

I can see 39, had to tilt my head around once or twice to find them all though.

34 and yellow is fuckig awesome fuck all of you talkin shit abt yellow

39, yellow is my favorite color don’t MESS with me

This is interesting. I’m not a fan of yellow, it’s just not my color. I only really get mad at it when a bad design used the wrong saturation against white.

You cannot see bright yellow on white from far away! Boarder that shit or make it darker!

I can see 39 o.o but I actually like yellow. I just don’t wear it much because I’m blonde and it just makes me look like a big light bulb.

39 But I really like yellow. Also gold. I didn’t used to as much. But I can’t find many good clothes that are yellow so I only have one or two pieces. And I think those are more of a gold yellow.