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Character: It happened ten years ago…

Me: Oh GOD.


MP100 S2 Ep11

Mogami is still horrifying.

Mob is still a Good Boy.

That is all.


Just saw Captain Marvel. Loads of fun. I liked Carol a lot. Go out there and support it. :>

MP100 Episode 9 thoughts

So people like to talk a lot about the scene from the Mogami arc where Reigen chooses to stay because Mob trusts him. And this is a significant and well-done scene and I understand the fascination with it. But after this weeks episode I started looking the other side of the relationship. I love that Reigen feels a responsibility and desire to help Mob because Mob trusts him and that’s cool, but also the sheer extent of Mob’s trust is kind of ridiculous.

Particularly this scene because holy cow this scene.

This isn’t just Mob believing one of Reigen’s many lies or relying on him during a job. Mob believes his family is in danger or worse. Dimple calmed him down somewhat by convincing him that it’s possible his family was still alive (I don’t think Mob completely believed him but it gave him hope they might be okay) but he was still extremely upset. When the former Claw members start driving him, the only reason he stays with them is because he thinks he’s being taken to see his family and confirm that they’re indeed okay. It isn’t until Reigen explains to him (not with lies but with a reasonable, if flawed, argument) that his parents and brother should be fine that Mob lets his guard down. He finally relaxes enough for his body to realize how much it’s been pushed and shut down. Mob doesn’t just trust Reigen with his own life, he trusts him with his family’s. Mob’s faith in his master is incredible and thankfully well-placed.

Also Reigen’s pained expression when he realized how much his kid’s been through kills me and I love it.


Welp, I sat down and got most of my friends to watch the first four Angels of Death episodes with me and it was kind of embarrassing but also kind of enjoyable but anyway at least they’ll get what the eight billion things I make for that series are from.


Mmm yeah I can’t say I’m crazy about the pacing in the Angels of Death anime. I know they have to cut most of the puzzles and all, and I can kind of see why they add the stuff with Danny, but also… I dunno. It’s failing to make me feel things I should probably be feeling this far into the story. Also the way the game dealt with the video scene on B1 was freaking beautiful. It’s like my favorite part of that area.

Zack, quit being tsundere

Like, on one hand it was kind of hilarious for a while, but on the other it’s also super cliche and you’re better than that so knock it off.


Me, watching ep 8: Oh boy! We’re coming up to some of my favorite scenes! I sure hope I get to see one of them this week! 😀

Angels of Death anime: Haha yeah no, we’re just gonna waste your time with a really long added flashback and then end on another cliffhanger. Have fun!




Good Lord, do I love DubZack. I probably shouldn’t but I do.

He made a Your Mom joke I can’t

Unpopular Opinion

M’kay, so I just watched the first dubbed AoD episode. And I kind of…preferred it?

This is not the first time the has happened, and a lot of it does have to do with me knowing the language. Japanese and English are very different. They have different syllables, different sentence structures, and different word enunciation. There’s nothing particularly wrong with the Japanese voices (well, okay I was underwhelmed by Danny, but I think I’ve heard that style of madman performance too much), but it’s harder for me to get into it when I don’t know how well a line is performed because I don’t know how it should be performed. I mean, I could probably listen to two different performers and pick who’s putting better emotion into it, but I still wouldn’t know where the focus in the sentence should be.

I thought Rachael sounded kind of sweet tbh. She did a fine job of sounded terrified (which’ll disappear come next episode but hey), and when she had to switch moods when sewing up the bird I thought it worked.

Danny was okay. I think I just liked how much they sneaked the word “peepers” in. Also he didn’t sound as cliche as the Japanese to me but that’s me.

I…I really liked Zack. I think hearing the words and style of speech he uses really sells his character for me. (Plus I’ve been watching a Let’s Play of the game lately and while I’m fine with the player’s jokes and opinions, he reeeally doesn’t do a very good Zack. >-0 ) Also I could be crazy, but his laugh sounded more spot on with the in-game one than in Japanese.

I’ll give episode 2 a shot and see if I still like it. There’s a lot more comedic Zack stuff, so I’m looking forward to that.

But that’s just my weird opinion. :T