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Relationships get so bananas when you start deciphering the other person’s love language.

Like I thought I was just acquaintances with this person because they never told me details about themselves and we just talked movies and writing . But then they made time to have coffee with me and they showed up out of breath because they ran. Like. RAN to be on time for coffee with me?

And I was like “i don’t mind waiting” cause I never want to run

But they said they wanted every minute they could get because I’m so busy usually

Which is when it clicked that I didn’t get how much they considered me a friend because I just straight away didn’t see MY signs of affection in them and went “cool! Casual buds it is.” But now that I’m seeing their signs of affection, I feel a little silly for dismissing them like that even though I felt like we could be best bros.

Anyway, some people show affection through time or intensity or commitment and not vocally. I really have to remember that!

Fyi- just in case you didn’t know.

TOUCH got a bro that likes to give high fives? Back slaps? Are they a hugger? Do they not blink an eye at cuddles?

QUALITY TIME this bro will (as op stated) sprint to spend every minute possible with you. Every second that you guys are together is a declaration of affection.

WORDS does your bro tell you how amazing and great and fantastic and wonderful you are all the time? Guess what…?

GIFTS do they buy you coffee? Snacks, energy drinks, spot you at the restaurant? Did that one key chain removed you of them? Ding ding!

ACTS are they always doing things for you? Ie: Nah bro, I got this, I can do that, need me to get anything for you, I can help with…?

PRO TIP – The way people show love is often how they receive love as well.

I reblogged this recently but it got better and ive been thinking and learning a lot abt love languages so


I like how both my mom and I make cooing noises while we’re watching bird videos as if the bird is actually in front of us.


There’s something very pleasant about living in a room plastered with things you love.


When you can’t find the style of fandom print you want at a convention so you have to go home and make it yourself like some kind of ARTIST.


On a lighter note, I got to test my two new cosplays for next weekend.


Things I’d prefer not to be for Halloween:

A nervous wreck.

Satisfied – sukikobold – Coco (2017) [Archive …

Satisfied – sukikobold – Coco (2017) [Archive of Our Own]:

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Coco (2017)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Héctor Rivera/Imelda Rivera, Héctor Rivera & Miguel Rivera
Characters: The Rivera Family, Héctor Rivera, Imelda Rivera, Dante (Coco 2017), Pepita (Coco 2017)
Additional Tags: Some ideas I’ve had about what happened in the Land of the Dead post-blessing, Family, Imelda vs the paparazzi, honestly the reason I wrote this, also Dante’s a good doggo, Oneshot

Miraculously, Héctor has been saved from the Final Death. Now if only they could get off this tower without being swarmed by the massive audience of souls inside.

Haha holy cow it shouldn’t have taken me this long to sit down and edit this. Don’t even know how long it’s been sitting on my hard drive.


So hey it’s 5 am and I’m up typing a reeeally old unfinished story I wrote in middle school so I can trash the hard copy because by the time I get back to sleep I’ll have to start getting ready for work.

As for the quality of said story, I’ll give you a hint.



Don’t have time to finish it tonight but I drawed an anxious ghost.

Posting w/o tags.

My bedroom lighting is terrible.

sukikobold: I know Lewis is a super powerful g…


I know Lewis is a super powerful ghost that can summon huge fireballs and conjure entire mansions and therefore probably doesn’t need it, but I really love the idea of Mystery protecting everyone.

And the pièce de résistance. Because I spent a crazy amount of time on the coloring.