kahokubo: More Fire Emblem fanart dump (with …


More Fire Emblem fanart dump (with some that are spoilers) from Twitter since everyone’s been really nice about the last couple of fanart doodles. (Thanks for people who leave little sweet messages in the tags of the reblogs. It makes me smile when I read them :D)

To give some context, the first four are doodles born from a DM conversation with a person in France. We were questioning why Claude was alone in the ballroom sequence and no one was dancing with him. For some reason we theorized that becuase of his past no one wanted to dance with him and I felt so bad that we got to that answer that I drew some Golden Deer.

The spoiler stuff is my reaction to part 2 and the last one is just my reaction that sad scene. The main reason why this version of Byleth is super expressive is because this is my first time playing the game and she’s just expressing how I’m feeling in specific scenes.