sukikobold: If there was a story that could s…


If there was a story that could somehow become less depressing with a Monster!AU, it’s Angels of Death.

Rachel’s part Frankenstein monster part patched doll. Zack is the obvious, although I wanted to try making him an Aztec mummy instead of Egyptian because reasons. Eddie’s a sort of living puppet/scarecrow (the doll similarity gives him more reason to like Ray). Danny’s a lizard type of lycanthrope (his story’s the most two-faced) because that tongue. Gray’s a warlock, with a snake familiar, who spends his time accusing other people of being witches because he’s a hypocrite like that. Aand Cathy’s a she-devil. (Could’ve gone with succubus I guess but she seems more interested in torture than sex. Anywho).

I…honestly have no idea how the story would work in this, but I had fun designing them.