Mob Psycho 100: Live Action

Episode 11

In the original, Episode 11 was hands-down absolutely my favorite episode in the whole show. I doubt that will be the same here.


– Aw. They still kind of do the hypnosis-one-twin-seeing-the-other-killed thing. Only not really because they don’t have a mental link in this and don’t solve it like that. They had to have the villain freaking spell it out. Also they’re mind-control zombies now.

– Oh man, are they gonna do it? At least throw him into the ceiling. Please.

– Dangit. At least they kind of smashed him underneath a bunch of rubble, but Mob throwing the hooded guy around like it’s nothing was SO GOOD in the original. Sigh.

– Taking your sweet time, aren’t you, Reigen?

– You’re all terrible at hiding.

– X( They wait til now to show the flashback where he’s showing his powers off to Tsubomi?

– Mob can make people go to sleep?! Since when?!

– Aand showing me Dimple completely takes me out of the scene.

– :/ They slightly changed the wording of Mob not wanting to hurt a woman and now it sounds really shallow. Uugh.

– Okay, so they’re showing these flashbacks of the members fighting the boss and getting scarred, and the boss has this obvious limp. Reigen also started imitating the limp, but since I know he’s not the boss, I can’t figure out WHY he’s imitating the limp. Unless he’s trying to guilt Mob for not showing up to work. Which seems kind of mean.

– Huuuuugs~ Decent hug shot. I can get behind that.

– Show, could you please just get over the Reigen-is-Boss illusion. It’s not gonna pay off and you know it. It’s a lot funnier when the audience knows it’s a lie but the characters don’t.

– Making the main villains idiots for this illusion really ruins their intimidation…

– At least Ritsu’s smart enough to not buy it.

So no Shou, no base, no flunkies, no haystack wig. This show has to have been intended for only one season the way they’re writing it. And I certainly hope that’s all we’re getting.