Mob Psycho 100: Live Action

Episode 10

My mistake, we have three episodes to get through the 7th division. We’re still an episode down. And my faith in these guys doing a good job with less time is very small.

– So one of my friends watched the first episode (well, most of it. He had to stop after 20 minutes) and confirmed with me that. yes, they are definitely portraying the Awakening Lab as evil at first. ???


– Also still hate CGI Dimple.

– Seriously tho, Matsura plastered his desktop with pictures of Ritsu, that’s suuuper creepy.

– At least Teru addressed that the lab’s not that moral either.

– Aaand back to Tsubomi singing karaoke. -_-;; ??? Also Mob’s seeing her?? That’s not mind reading, Hon, it’s called clairvoyance. 

– That’s a good point. In the anime, the lab looked like a normal apartment building from outside. In this it’s the weird globe-looking thing. Of course people are going to notice.

– Do I even need to say how this person doesn’t know how Japanese swearing works again?

– Err, we might not even make it to the hideout. The kids’ve already escaped from the truck.

– Ooo, power combination. That was kind of cool.

– Is…is Shou not even gonna be in this? They haven’t even hinted at him.

– Sigh. Tsubomi’s gonna get involved.

– Okay, Reigen getting a guy to sit there while he violently throws salt at him is pretty funny.

– Huh. They’re heading for the school so maybe the club members are going to be involved too.

– Without the idiot flunkies, I wonder how they’re going to do the Reigen=Boss mistake. Assuming they still do it.

– Freakin- It took her three hours to patch up a couple scratches on his face?!

– Nvm I think the club went home. Sad face.

– At least Ritsu’s making friends.

– It’s gonna be Tome.

– It’s Tome. One club member’s here at least.

– Getting a little sick of Tsubomi being a ditz.

– Nooo where’d Takoyaki man go? Is- is he actually gonna be the boss?

End ep. This is going to be very, VERY different from the original plot. My prediction is that Takoyaki guy is going to be either the masked leader or the boss. Both will make me sad. I liked him.