Mob Psycho 100: Live Action

Episode 12

End game! We’re at end game! Let’s see how the nonsense ends in this version. I think we’ve still got two main baddies to properly introduce. Huh.

– Dimple, get off the screen.

– ._. …..Reigen if you want to get gum off your shoe, scrape it on the curb or something. Don’t just drag your foot for a mile, you’re gonna ruin your tendons.

– I’m…sort of enjoying the frantic running.

– Um…masked guy has like five different types of power in this.

– Oh my gosh they actually included the drop kick. And did it almost properly. That does make me happy.

– Hmm, the “don’t stress out my student” speech was decent. But it really just makes me miss the original.

– Reigen you are not likable enough in this to be giving these lessons.

– There shouldn’t have been blood there. Why is he bleeding? That shouldn’t have cut him if we’re still doing to 100% Gratitude thing. :/

– Seriously is it even still bleeding now? Was the blood an illusion? WHAT’S GOING ON???

– Thanks for spelling it out to the audience, Teru. We don’t have a narrator in this, so I guess that was needed.

– Are we….still waiting for the real boss to show up?

– Also it’s daylight?? They were in there all night???

– Takoyaki guy? Yep. Sigh. Siiiiiigh.

– All of a sudden scars??? Was he psychically hiding them?? Huh??

– No

– No, freaking Dimple was able to possess this guy?! Are you kidding me?! I thought espers were really hard to possess!

– Oh boy. Dimple saved the day. Such elation.

– Um. End scene. Back to Tsubomi nonsense.

– And she lost her memory of everything. How convenient.

– Cute bro moment. Huzzah.

– And we’ll end the Tsubomi stuff in the most cliche way possible.

I am so done with this. And thankfully we are actually done. Huzzah. That boss they kept chatting about never showed. Dimple can apparently EAT people’s psychic powers. Tsubomi’s still a ditz. No idea what Teru’s up to because they didn’t give him anything at the end. But we are done.

Final thoughts to be posted soon.