Mob Psycho 100: Live Action

Episode 9

Three more eps! Will they nail down the climax for this show? Probably not, but let’s see anyway!

– ???!?? Okay so they ran in, beat up Matsura and are taking the kids?? Why’d they waste all that time plying him up to be sinister then?? Ugh, this show…

– Yeah, I’m sorry, you guys can’t convince me to like Matsura now. He’s been way too creepy so far.

– This guy was so much more sinister with the hoodie.

– One of those details I was really glad they added in the translation from manga to anime was how Mob was thrown away after noticing Ritsu getting grabbed, giving him a reason not to immediately act to save him. In here, he’s just kind of watching so far. I know Mob’s a pacifist, but he still has some things that’ll send him almost immediately over the edge. Hurting Ritsu is one of them.

– Btws, this entire scene takes place inside of a random school building instead of an alley. I guess so they have more things to throw around.

– There are so many little things I’m missing from the anime right now. Mob grabbing the guy’s arm while his percent counter is skyrocketing was so good…

– All of a sudden Reigen backstory again. 

– I don’t know what the purpose of this old co-worker plot is serving. To make Reigen more of a sympathetic character? But the fact that they feel the need to do that kind of proves that they don’t know how to make him likable in the already existing scenes.

– And all of a sudden back to fighting.

– Dimple, get off the screen.

– Detail #2 I’m glad they added when it went to anime: Ritsu actually running up and grabbing the guy around the middle to keep him from hurting Mob. As opposed to just shouting from a distance. Sigh. Perfect character turn-around…

– M’kay, this hairstyle works much better for Mob going 100%. I kind of wish they had used it back in the cult scene.

– Again, person has no idea how to translate Japanese cursing…

– And spontaneously going back to the Body Improvement Club for no reason.

– And back to Reigen at the bar.

– And back to Mob. Did we really need to change character focus at all? I do remember there being a scene with Reigen in the anime, but that was to show us that he’s aware Mob didn’t show up to work and doesn’t know why. Here it’s just. There he is. He’s at the bar again. Bye now.

– I miss the haystack wig so much.

– And now here’s Tsubomi singing karaoke. I’m starting to wonder if there was some part of the contract where everyone had to have some face time in every episode.

– Now the ending’s Reigen hanging out.

Honestly though, from the way they were portraying the Awakening Lab, it looked really sinister. And no, I’m not going to go rewatch it to double check. I suppose it’s possible they WERE trying to mislead the viewer. Still, it’s not like they had the bright, casual looking room all the kids were hanging out in in the original. – – Sigh. I’m gonna need to rewatch the anime for therapy after this.