Are cows NOT domesticated farm animals in “Ste…



In “Full Disclosure,” we see Steven swipe through the photos on his phone, and there’s this one of Steven and Connie at a restaurant. 

Notice the painting and the stuffed cow head. Stuffing and mounting an animal’s head is usually what you do with an animal that you’ve hunted and killed, not with domesticated farm animals that are slaughtered for their meat. 

And that painting is based on a real painting of Theodore Roosevelt, who was (among many other things) a big game hunter. 

And then there’s this line from Garnet in “Too Far:”

Are cows a wild animal that people hunt for sport in this universe?

You: White Diamond

Me, an intellectual: Steven Universe cow lore

looking at the horns and how they look like a dandy mustache I think that might be a water buffalo