Mob Psycho 100: Live Action

Episode 5

Again, they’re at an abandoned warehouse now instead of a school, so while there will probably be a lot of destruction (I don’t know about rubble flying into the sky, we’ll see) it’ll be a lot cheaper.

– The fancy classical music is back for Teru. XD

– They’re…having a lot more weird stuff with Reigen with this. I was under the impression that having Mob working for him gave him a decent amount of business…

– Also are overly gay barkeepers a common trope in Japan? I’ve seen it in a number of jrpgs, too. :/

– Tenga is enjoying this fight way too much

– Again, Tome’s legitimately funny in this.

– ??? Why is Mob dodging? He basically has an unbreakable psi-shield. Is that really too much to add in?

– Hate to break it to ya, Dimple, but I’m pretty sure a lot of viewers find you disgusting in this.

– And Claw’s just running around attacking random nerds because they don’t know how else to find Mob. How professional.

– There, see? Shield animation doesn’t take much to do.


– I’m glad they remembered to include the weird pigeon toe stance.

– All of a sudden stunts!

– Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. I know Reigen is the oldest of the characters but that does NOT obligate you guys to make cliche pervy jokes with him. – –

– Also you guys are completely ruining the drama in the fight by cutting away so much.

– I guess I appreciate Ritsu trying to help him more in these early plots.

– Hm. The funny classical music is also kinda ruining the drama in this fight.

– Huzzah. No more CGI Dimple for a while- ugh wait, they’re having a bunch of flashbacks.

– Also they use the dramatic music when there’s supposed to be a joke? Who was in charge for the soundtrack on this? – –

– Aand they cut out Mob berating Teru for calling people ordinary and small-fry. Stop taking out all the things I like!

– Pffft the horror music when Teru gets his head shaved.

Aaand that’s where they’re cutting it. Huh. Somehow they’re drawing out this fight even more. – – I’ll bet it was so they could stick that stupid pervy scene in. Class act, guys.

Yeah, I’m running into a lot of issues with the music being used inappropriately in this show. It’s something you don’t notice when it’s done right, but it’s real obvious when it’s done wrong.