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what the fuck

this is probably like $34

As a Texan this caused such a potent, visceral chemical reaction of rage in me that I immediately vomited blood

“hi yes i will take an infant-sized portion of meat with no sauce or sides on a platter the size of an average door, that’s what humans eat right?”

This is just sickening, this is TERRIBLE brisket. The smoke ring looks like it’s maybe a millimeter tops? The meat looks the way brisket does when it is steamed, not smoked. That fat looks unrendered. The bark looks soft. This looks simultaneously soggy AND YET dry and tough. This would be mush. It wouldn’t pass the pull test and it would taste like skunky smoke. 1/10. Fuck you, this brisket. How dare New York show this to me. Be a sewer, you awful town.

Y’all motherfuckers gentrified BBQ

Thanks for killing this post for good