An armed high school teacher in Georgia barricaded himself alone inside his classroom on Wednesday and fired a gunshot when the principal tried to force open the door, but no one was seriously injured, police said after the instructor was arrested

Sooo is America still planning to arm teachers or what?

In March 2016, Davidson walked into the lobby of the Dalton police headquarters and told a wild story including his suspicions that someone had been murdered, police said. Detectives couldn’t verify that any of it was true, and he was taken to the hospital since he’d expressed thoughts of hurting himself, police wrote in their report on that episode.

His actions were likely the result of longstanding mental issues that somehow nobody in the school picked up on, or did not comment on. 

I wouldn’t want this man teaching any children I know; given that he set fire to his own property, clearly had episodes of mental instability which included threats of self harm and delusions or paranoia. 

I’m glad that no harm was done to anyone during the event itself, and I hope that he receives treatment and is kept away from both guns and schools for the foreseeable future, and I hope it can act as a small wake up call to both being more serious about the mental health of our educators and the failing/inadequate means we have to both address and treat people suffering from breaks and illnesses of this kind.