Since people apparently won’t let me stop talking about mass shootings, lemme also throw this in the ring:

Every school should have trauma kits in every classroom, and every student in America should be made to attend basic DHS “Stop the Bleed” trauma care training, every year.

“But Valk, our children shouldn’t need to learn how to patch a gunshot wound in their school!”

Maybe, but have you considered the fact that trauma care teaches kids to do more than save the lives of people who took a hit in the limb from a classmate and will bleed out long before SWAT clears the building so EMTs can get inside? A kid could nick an artery in a shop accident; if all the nurse’s office has is some bandaids and an Ace bandage, that kid is probably going to be dead before the ambulance even turns the fucking sirens on.

One in five trauma deaths in the US is preventable. Trauma is also the leading cause of death in America for people under age 45. Trauma includes gunshot wounds, but it also covers a whole mess of other things too. Car accidents, industrial accidents – anything where a person might bleed to death is classed as “trauma.”

The 75th Ranger Regiment started teaching everyone in their units basic trauma care and in doing so they have *completely eliminated* preventable trauma deaths. This isn’t surgeon level stuff either, this is learning to tie a tourniquet (TQ), pack hemostatic gauze, and wrap Israeli bandages around a wound site, plus learning to seal sucking chest wounds if necessary. It sounds complex, but my lazy ass got up at 7AM a couple months back and learned to do it in 2 hours, so anyone can.

This isn’t considered an “essential life skill,” but goddamnit, it should be. You put a trauma kit with a CAT Gen 7 TQ, hemostatic gauze, an Israeli bandage, and some tape in every classroom, then teach our kids how to use it, and suddenly you’ve empowered an entire generation to save lives and be heroes whether or not another school shooting ever happens again in this country, and they’ll carry that knowledge for the rest of their lives. Simple as that.

I mean, if it saves even one life, right? I GUARANTEE this would.

Basic emergency preparedness should be a part of middle school. Like, shit, they taught us how to escape from quicksand (which approximately 0% of us will ever encounter) but not how to help somebody who has a bookcase fall on them or breaks a glass wrong or slips on a ladder, other than to call 911 and hope for the best? People are learning about concussions and seizures from shitty tv shows and doing the exact worst thing to “help”, when proper education in the topic would take less time from a kid’s life than a single debate about The Catcher in the Rye.