gop-tea-pub: This meme is a pretty poor rebutt…


This meme is a pretty poor rebuttal. Typical Libtard response though…they always fail to look up all the actual facts.

-The armed guard at Stone Douglas didn’t confront the shooter and
stayed outside contrary to his job description. He was reprimanded by
the sheriff, suspended without pay and has since resigned in disgrace.

-The Pulse nightclub shooting had a policeman on duty, which the
shooter had to engage with at the entrance. Shortly after, two
additional officers came, which forced
the shooter to hide in the bathroom and take hostages. At this point,
police were able “to save and rescue dozens and dozens of people and get
them out of the club,” according to Orlando police chief John Mina.
With 300 people inside the club, the presence of armed resistance saved
potentially hundreds.

-The Mandalay Bay shooting’s facts and
timeline is still unclear, but there’s little a security guard can do
when someone is locked in their room and has planned an attack for days.
However, it appears the guard did slow down or distract the attack, and
ultimately it took a SWAT team with explosives to enter the room. It
appears the shooter killed himself after they arrived.

Hood was a “gun free zone”. Soldiers on all military installations,
including Fort Hood, are not armed while on post, nor are they permitted
to carry any privately owned firearms. Only law enforcement and
security personnel are allowed to have weapons, which the victims had to
wait for to subdue the shooter.