Here is the Zaku Half Cannon

The Zaku Half Cannon was my first Zaku kit in a long time, and I found it to be very nice. This Zaku comes with a varied assortment of weapons and some small options in the build. The assortment of weapons are the 180mm cannon, the gattling gun, two big gun missile pods, and a heat hawk.

When it comes to the other optional pieces in this kit the trigger finger hand doesn’t come with a cover, and there is no machine gun included in the kit for it. The extra arm piece and thruster pieces don’t really have a place on this kit. I guess they may be extra parts for an earlier Zaku kit in the Origin/MSD line, so until then these pieces will be in storage. The other options in the build are the Zaku Type J chest pieces and alternate foot guards.

The big gun missile pods have good articulation for posing. Both the cannon and gattling gun are naturally limited in movement, and the ammo belt piece for the gattling gun is flexible without stressing the plastic thankfully. The heat hawk can be held well, but the inactive heat hawk piece can be easily detached from the side skirt.

The appearance of the finished kit was nice after panel lining the details, the options for the build were nicely varied, and I found this kit to be pretty good overall.