But why did she steal a mattress from her roommate back in Boulder? If I was that roommate I’d be pissed, I’d be out for fuckin blood. Mattresses ain’t cheap, man. Somebody write a followup song about some poor fucker from Boulder seeking out their lost roommate so they can get their mattress back.

Never one to complain
I gotta go find this thing
And make it right because I been done so much wrong
She was insane
and I am so glad I can bring
all the hurt and pain that I held in for so long

There never was a day that went by
that I did not think how much I wished
that somehow her world would die
and she’d been left without a kiss
Woman took from me my mattress
and I got to make it right
Even if that means
She don’t survive the night

Been down on my luck
And I can’t say I really changed
but she’s wallowing in muck
and my life aint much in time

But I drove up to her new place
and I knocked on the door
She opened it with shock on her face
and I punched that whore
Then I walked in and took my bed
Pulled it out of the house
She was laying on the floor bleeding from her head
That’s more that what she deserve

Back to Boulder I go…

My mattress in tow… 


Now if I could just play something more than the flute I could make it into a country song

Not with that attitude you can’t. You could start a new trend of flute playing country singers

Hard to sing and play at the same time