colionnoir:Day 38 of 2018 and @onenine_design …


Day 38 of 2018 and @onenine_design is #STEELWAITING on this gun to start killing on its own.
I created #SteelWaiting to promote RESPONSIBLE GUN OWNERSHIP and to reinforce the idea of personal responsibility and accountability. “Guns Don’t Kill People, PEOPLE Kill PEOPLE”
We don’t blame the car when a drunk driver kills someone, so why do we blame the gun?
It’s time for Resposible Gun Owners to take back the image of responsible gun ownership in this country.
Throughout 2018 I will post a photo from the #STEELWAITING hashtag.
Post a picture of your gun and a watch or any timing device with the comment: “@ColionNoir I’m #STEELWAITING”
Then Tag other RESPONSIBLE GUN OWNERS challenging them to post their own #STEELWAITING picture.
#ThePewPewLife = #ThePPL