Okay I get it



I really get it. “My” style looks exactly the same as slugbox.
”wow you’re a thief” “can’t you do something better than just being a bad copy?” “

Wow no originally, this looks completely like slugbox.” 

I got stuck with the style I’m on, its very difficult to get out, I need time to explore and get used to something different… but sadly I don’t have time and not being original upsets ME as well. I have more things to do and I’m always a freaking MESS. 
It’s fun to draw like this because it’s easier for me and it uses a lot of big, strong shapes that flow toguether, which makes the drawings look more appealing and then makes me feel a little satisfied “this is cute.” “this will sell!” “I can make a little bit of money out of this at least” “people seem to like it!” 
but it doesn’t feel right and it also feels really bad everytime.
I feel like I owe slugbox so much.

I used to (at least try to) talk with him years ago and he used to say it was okay and that he even really liked my stuff. But now he doesn’t follow me anymore in any social media and doesn’t answer messages that he used to answer, probably he’s just too busy ((but also maybe not, I don’t know)). now maybe I drawing like this might offend or upset him. I get very worried if i’m upsetting people when I don’t mean to. But I respect his opinion if he IS in fact sad or upset, he have the right to.
If you want to critique my work, I’d love to hear what I need to improve, but don’t push the “style” button. I’m tired of hearing this, I already know I suck at this part. I try to do some different things when I can. Everytime I get a chance to work on something or see my feedback I read that over and over again.

I’m human just like you. I have difficulties. I have problems.
If you don’t respect me, at least try to respect yourself and don’t put hate on others.

Hey everyone I just want to say thank you for all the extremely nice and positive messages I got replying this post and on private
I can`t answer everyone but I really, really appreciate every word

I now know that everything I draw looks like it`s made from marshmallows and cotton and that my lineart and painting and the weight I put on bodies are very recognizable 

Also, I wanted to say that I was not upset or sad, and that I no longer get affected negatively by the mean comments. I just wanted to explain the situation and what happens, not for the hating people, but for people in general.
I didn`t NEED to explain anything, but wanted to.
Wish you all a very nice beggining of 2018! And that the entire year will be amazing too!