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Because sometimes what you need most is to watch a baby armadillo named Spock, yes, Spock (look at those wee Vulcan ears!), lapping up milk from a teeny-tiny bowl at Zoo Wroclaw in Poland:

After Spock’s mom, Hermonia, showed no interest in her newborn pup, zookeepers jumped in to raise him by hand. It took the keepers a little while to successfully get Spock to nurse because he wouldn’t drink from a bottle or an eyedropper. This tiny red bowl, however, turned out to be just right. By the time Spock reached 6 weeks old, he’d already tripled his weight.

Head over to ZooBorns to learn more about Southern Three-banded Armadillos and Spock the armadillo pup.

[via ZooBorns]

best, cutest ball.