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who wants to hear about the really weird cryptid dog i grew up with

ok this is gonna be a long one so brace yourselves

i grew up in a pretty shitty sw florida neighborhood that was infamous as a place where people dumped unwanted pets. ive seen birds, dogs, cats, even a fully tame and housebroken iguana (we caught him and turned him over to a reptile sanctuary) on the street i grew up on.

so we had a pretty big dog that served as our guard dog, an old english sheepdog named maisy. my dad used to take her jogging with him every morning, and one day while he was out, another dog took interest in them and followed them all the way home.

this dog was…strange, to say the least. you know how with most dogs, you can tell at least one breed it probably has in it? for the life of me and my entire family and every vet we ever brought this dog to, they could NOT identify at all whatever breed it was supposed to be. not even the slightest clue. to this day i haven’t seen a breed that looks anything like this dog, even remotely

she was chestnut brown with little white sock-markings on her paws. her body was incredibly stocky and round, and her legs were short which made her extremely low to the ground. her facial shape was very odd, it didn’t look pushed-in or deformed, but her eyes were comically too big for her skull and it looked like they were always popping out. she had this long ridge of stiff fur along her back, and a few tufts of hair near her tail that would grow a winter layer and needed to be brushed out. the rest of her fur never did this

on top of all these weird traits she had two dew claws on each back leg (one on the back legs of a dog is already uncommon enough) and 9 nipples. either she was missing one or had an extra, i have no idea. but she had 9

on top of us not knowing at all what kind of dog this thing was, it lived for a fucking ridiculously long time. when we first found her she was already an adult and never grew an inch beyond what she was, but even then, we had her for at least a solid 16 years after that. probably more. aside from a few tiny gray hairs, it was like she PHYSICALLY would not age

i have a lot of stories about her because on top of being super weird and inexplicable she was quite the character, but there, thats her BASIC profile

“but do you have a pic” i hear you ask

yes…..i do