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Pepper spray is illegal in Canada. If pepper spray is used on another person causing serious bodily harm or harming the environment it can carry a penalty up to a fine of $500,000 and imprisonment of up to 3 years. source

image via burbuja


It’s illegal in Britain too even just to buy and own

What are you supposed to do if you’re attacked by someone stronger than you? What options for self defense do you have?

Then the law allows you to use ‘reasonable force’, so you’d legally be able to grab anything around you to hit them with, but if they’re smaller than you that’s probably be illegal unless theyre armed. But if you walk around with anything that could be used as a weapon, even something that isn’t even a weapon, you’re breaking the law

That’s seriously terrifying.

Yep! There’s plenty of cases of people being sent to prison for hurting burglars.

See this is why we don’t want to take advice from other countries about gun laws.

Well I guess I’m never going to Canada or Britain. Unless I want to become a criminal cuz it’s probably much safer for criminals in those places.

“Okay, I know you want to defend yourself but…what if you hurt the rapist?”

If your government doesn’t trust you with an eye irritant it doesn’t think of you as an adult.

Be worried.

If your government prosecutes victims as if they are vigilantes it values order above justice.

Be worried.

If your government does not acknowledge your natural right to self defense it doesn’t acknowledge your right to life. 

Be worried.

When I went to New Zealand, I had to read up on their speech laws and take out most of my shirts because I could be arrested for violating their hate speech codes.