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Everyone talks about how Jesus drove the money changers and merchants out of the temple, but everyone glosses over the fact that he took the time to braid a whip. That would have taken a couple hours. I have braided leather before, and it takes a lot of time and effort. It may have even taken more than one day, all scripture says is, “And when he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple-“ there isn’t a time period given. But I would still say it was at least a few hours. he had to braid multiple cords, bind them together, make a handle, and fix the cords to the handle.

The point of this is that what he did was NOT impulsive. It was cold and calculated. Premeditated even.

I’m sorry I know this is a really great insight but all I can think of is Jesus sitting there making His whip and the apostles shuffling around nervously wondering who’s about to get it



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At first I didnt know where this was going but it went exactly where I hoped it would.


Cant wait to play the remake in about 30 years


valse di fantastica ✨✨

been thinking about….ballroom au :3c


“nothing to see here.” – The Field Museum of Natural History

museums are giving us quality quarantine content


A lot of writers approach Batman from the perspective of a tortured soul seeking vengeance on the criminal underworld. And if that’s all they really feel about him, they can go write the Punisher.

What the best Batman writers remember, what the creators of the best moments and stories with Batman remember… is that he was a little boy who lost his parents. 

Bruce Wayne didn’t get to grow up, didn’t get to just be a kid, much less a tween, a teen, a young man figuring himself out. He jumped ahead.

But that should never mean that he thinks anyone else should suffer that.

It comes down to a key point of why Bruce is Batman.

The reason Bruce Wayne is Batman is so that nobody else needs to be.


<3 Batman is a Good Soul <3


Man I sure do miss when Bruce was written well.


Batman with kids.


Yeah, I picked it up. I’m so happy we get to choose our facial features without an ambiguous question and answer session.


replied to your post “Hey, y’all. I’m feeling kind of nostalgic-y tonight (and also I need…”

Tales franchise (Legendia in particular) keeps my heart from going cold

I picked Norma because I actually cosplayed her once. XD